Body Reformers Pilates & Barre

Body Reformers Pilates & Barre studio offers classes for Pilates reformer, Matwork Pilates and barre, which make more interesting because of their beachfront location.

They came to 1 Day Sites requesting a website that will match their brand and will also showcase their classes, clinical pilates and pricing. Easy access to all information their end user might need like contact information and directions.

Now, Body Reformers Pilates & Barre have a site that is not only has everything they’ve needed; it also has a super cool facebook post feeder, and contact form pop-up interface that makes easy for us to send message/inquiries anytime. 100% Responsive and compatible with mobile platforms and devices.

Body Reformers Pilates & Barre, located in Scarborough, Queensland.

Contact Details:
Suzanna & Liza


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